In Maharastra’s Nilje Gaon, many children are deprived of their right to education. Parents here, most of them who are daily wage labourers, are ignorant of the need to educate their children. Added to it is a local problem that they face. The locality is filled with snakes and the parents lock their children indoors when they go for work. Sadly, they think leaving the kids at school is not safe. The only place of learning the parents have the assurance of sending their children is to the Balajyothi Study Centre functioning in the colony. The parents in the community were more than happy to send their children to the study centre.

Khushi, 8-year-old, and her brother Rohan, 5-year-old, are like many of the children who do not go to school. Their mother works as a maid and father is a security guard. Like other parents, they did not let Khushi and Rohan go to school. Thanks to the constant awareness that our facilitator gave, their mother was convinced of the importance of education and enrolled Khush in Class II and Rohan in balwadi. Now, these kids happily go to school and continue to be regulars at the study centre.

The study centre has more than 20 students, and it is through the sheer impact of the study centre that the children here started enrolling in the schools.

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