What makes ESAF unique is our integrated approach to development. ESAF and all its group entities bring their synergy to work towards creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the poor and the marginalised. A commitment towards social transformation and empowerment of marginalised communities are at the heart of each entity. At the core of most of the entities is the women SHGs acting as a tool for social transformation. Our interventions are designed to ensure the livelihood opportunities we create are sustainable for the target group. When we provide newer technologies and scientific farming practices to SHGs through our interventions, our retail chain and our dairy farming company help market their produce while the Small Finance Bank provides microloans to them.

You are The Change

Your involvement and contribution of time,effort and funds are the catalyst that have helped us to do so much than we could have alone .Whether you are a volunteer, donor, sponser, approving authority or a partner, you have a hand lvn transforming someone's life somewhere