We are the Evangelical Social Action Forum (ESAF), a charitable society established in 1992. Our aim is to bring about sustainable and holistic transformation to the lives of the poor and marginalizedsections and create a just and fair society. We are born out of deep conviction to offer our deeds of compassion and service for improving the lives of the unfortunate around us and creating avenues for a better and hopeful future. Launched under the patronage of Kerala Evangelical Graduates Fellowship, ESAF is registered under Travancore Cochin Literal and Scientific Charitable Societies Act of 1955 Reg. No 109 / 1992 and also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. Today, ESAF is impacting the lives of people in XX cities across YY states in India.

You are The Change

Your involvement and contribution of time,effort and funds are the catalyst that have helped us to do so much than we could have alone .Whether you are a volunteer, donor, sponser, approving authority or a partner, you have a hand lvn transforming someone's life somewhere