Doing whatever it takes to lighten up a village in the Majuli islands
Ensuring the right to education
The only place of learning the parents have the assurance of sending their children is to the Balajyothi Study Centre functioning in the colony
Primary education to Santhal Parganas
When the school comes to the village
Empowering rural households through bamboo cultivation and craft
For many households in Lakhanpur village, traditional bamboo craft is their primary source of livelihood
Lighting up the flood-hit hilly villages
Along with the loss of life and property, public infrastructure was also destroyed in the floods and landslides

You are The Change

Your involvement and contribution of time,effort and funds are the catalyst that have helped us to do so much than we could have alone .Whether you are a volunteer, donor, sponser, approving authority or a partner, you have a hand lvn transforming someone's life somewhere