At ESAF, we believe in building bridges across international and domestic NGOs, corporates, and institutions to share information and adopt innovative practices to strengthen our cause for creating a just and fair society. Towards this end, we will be hosting summits, seminars, to bring different players on a common platform. We will also disseminate our studies that can be useful for other institutions and for society at large. ESAF’s Centre for Integrated Development Research is a body dedicated to research and consultancy.
ESAF also engages in capacity building by providing training to community-based organisations, people from various sectors and sections of society to respond creatively to the development gaps in their own context.


You are The Change

Your involvement and contribution of time,effort and funds are the catalyst that have helped us to do so much than we could have alone .Whether you are a volunteer, donor, sponser, approving authority or a partner, you have a hand lvn transforming someone's life somewhere